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Our Augmented Reality app is designed by photographers for photographers

 Allow your clients to visualise their images as products in their own home

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We believe photographers can and should improve their after sales by selling tangible products not just digital files. Our integrated website and augmented reality (AR) app will help photographers be ahead of the game. By impressing their clients and allowing them to visualize products in their own homes, reducing their workload and increasing product sales.  PhotAR empowers photographers to integrate technology into their business and increase their sales with an innovative way of selling.


The easy to use app allows your clients to scroll through different size frames, canvases and aluminiums to decide what will suit their home. By giving your clients more control they can explore products and sizes at home, making decisions with no pressure

Social Media

The PhotAR app is also available a great marketing opportunity. By capturing screenshots of your images within a room, ready to share on social media to impress your fellow photographers. Share screen shots directly from the app and post on your social media channels. Show off, Impress and generate a buzz for your business. 


Easy to use website interface where you can upload your client's images and add your recommendations. Simply add client's details, create a shoot(s), add images to the gallery. The user- friendly website interface makes the process quick and simple. Include the photographers' recommendations before previewing what the clients will see. 


Various subscriptions are available and allow the photographer to add clients and shoots through the website. Subscriptions range in price to suit all levels of photographers with the option of a free trial.

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